Our Standard Certification

      K.D. Rice Intertrade Company Limited deliberately produces premium Ubon Hom Mali Rice to meet customers’ expectation. To ensure customer’s confidence in quality and standard of production, we have our own philosophy to apply in the company, which is “UBON”.

  • U nique: Ubon Hom Mali Rice is unique.
  • B est quality: Our product is premium.
  • O rigin: We solely produce Hom Mali Rice from Ubonratchathani.
  • N ature: We consider nature and pollution.

K.D. Rice Intertrade Company Limited is also verified with several standards as follows.

Thai Hom Mali Rice Originated in Thailand Department of Foreign Trade

Thai Hom Mali Rice Originated in Ubonratchathani Thailand

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems

      The best Thai Hom Mali Rice Award from the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand in 2016 and acceptance in national standards.


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